• Tectrol, S.A. OBJECTIVE
    Create automation engineering solutions that favor the growth and development of our client’s company from all around the world in a practical and integral way, with the objective to reach our client’s total satisfaction.

    “The clients of today are the principal source of clients in the future”

    We want our clients (actuals and future) to percieve that they can leave their projects in our hands with total trust so we can lead the technological change through automation engineering to improve their companies, contributing to a more efficient use of their resources.

    We are aimed at overcoming the needs and perceptions of our customers from all around the world, as well as their current and future requirements and expectations, providing them with high quality products and services at all times and a personalized service.
    We encourage the flexibility, conciliation and growth of our workers and collaborators with the values of our company culture, by means of training, communication, and the development of their capacities to achieve excellence and continuous improvement of our processes.
    We make our employees aware that they can be proactive and participatory in the customer’s approach.